Robert Sutton

 Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Growing up on a steady diet of DC Comics, Star Wars movies, and any action flicks he could get a hold of, Mr. Sutton holds a black belt in badass pop culture. Starting in 2004, he became a founding member of the movies section for, where he authored the long running column, R0BTRAIN’s Badass Cinema, musing on the classic works of cinematic warriors from Toshiro Mifune to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Needless to say, he feels the most at home when he's watching some scumbag onscreen getting blown up, punched in the face, or kung fu'd to death, especially in that order. While he can usually be found on the couch taking in his favorite movies or reading a stack of comics, he hopes to someday be taken seriously by his friends and family.

Shaun Stidham


Born in the hills of Eastern Kentucky and raised on a healthy dose of schlock and horror movies, he somehow made his way to a less Podunk city in Central Kentucky. Scarred at the age of 7 after watching Children of the Corn with his mother and father, Shaun has never been able to look back. He is in constant search of the next great splatter fest or demon possession film. He has no previous experience or formal education but believes lack of experience should never stop anyone from reaching for the stars. He also believes in ghosts, but not vampires, because that would be stupid.


Benton Edwards

Content Editor