Shaun's Top 10 Genre Films

Shaun's Top 10 Genre Films

As a way for readers to get to know us better here at Genre Squad we are doing a quick top ten genre movies list. Obviously something as subjective as movies is always going to be debated especially when it comes to listing something as the best Genre Movie. You will notice that almost all the movies consist of the same Genre. This was not intentional, but it just shook out that way. So what follows is strictly my opinion so prepare to disagree.


The story of a family that is terrorized by an unknown and unseen spirit is the greatest Haunted House movie of all time. With great performances all around the true standout is Craig T. Nelson as the father. The movie plays so well on childhood fears the fact that we all didn't end up in therapy is a miracle.


It can't be argued that Psycho is a revolutionary movie. Marketed as more of an experience, it frightened people and shocked them with one of the earliest examples of a twist ending. It also contains possibly the most famous scene in Horror, as Janet Leigh meets her untimely demise in the shower.


In space no one can hear you scream. Except for the giant alien that is getting ready to rip your head off. Even if Alien wasn't one of the great horror movies of all time, I would still include it for the effect that the VHS cover had on me in Video Store. A truly defining movie for it's genre, Ridley Scott has never made a better movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Just an altogether visceral movie going experience. I fought loving this movie for many years. Marketed as being based on a true story, the movie is so well crafted by Tobe Hooper that it makes you believe you are seeing so much more than you really are. This movie made me realize that Horror does not have to be safe, that it can make me feel disgusted and still be entertained.


I was in my 20's before I came upon Dario Argento's twisted fairy tale Suspiria. The movie is so stylistically perfect that it makes up for many faults in both script and acting. The story of a young girls Hellish experience in a ballet school ran by Witches is the best Italian Horror movie ever made.

The Thing

John Carpenter's The Thing is a perfect horror movie. The only reason it isn't number one on this list is purely a preference thing on my part. It is the ultimate movie about isolation and fear. It also happens to have the greatest performance in Horror movie history as Kurt Russell's Macready. From practical effects to score it is hard to top this 1982 classic.

The Exorcist

The movie so scary that Billy Graham actually believed that the film itself was possessed by a demon. A movie so fear inducing that many moviegoers actually vomited in the theater. You know a movie is successful when the mere mention of the title is enough to make average people shudder.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of the Stephen King novel broke me when I was a child. Redrum became something other kids would dare each other to say in the dark. The movie is filmed not so much as a descent into madness, but more of a man trying to hold back the flood gates of his own sanity.


The movie that essentially made me a Horror movie fan. The perfect Slasher movie made by the greatest Genre director of all time. The movie does not have a bad scene. While my Parents' generation had Psycho and Alfred Hitchcock, my generation had John Carpenter and Halloween.


A perfect movie. Roger Ebert once said that a great movie would have three great scenes and no bad ones. Jaws meets those requirements and exceeds them. While Halloween made me a fan of Horror movies, Jaws made me a fan of Movies.



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